If you’re walking the complicated journey of raising kids from hard places, you have found your village! Here, we talk about the hard things, the daily things, that unravel and defeat us in this brand of parenting. We also talk about the wins, the amazing things, that restore hope and gratitude and healing in our families.
At Tetherpoint, we do REAL. We do MESSY.  We do AUTHENTIC CONNECTION.
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Tetherpoint offers both private and group parent coaching sessions online and in-person.

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angi soulier

Angi Soulier

Parent Coach & Educator

My coaching practice specializes in providing integrative solutions for parents raising complex kids with trauma histories, attachment adversity, and neurodiverse challenges.

Angi Soulier


T.J., Lynden, WA

As an adoptive mom herself, Angi knows firsthand both the joys and pains, the beauty and the grief, the redemption and sin. She walks alongside you as a fellow sojourner sharing her expertise without judgement. She holds space in those sacred moments as you encounter the bumps of the dirt roads and the joys of the highways.

G.H., Bellingham, WA

Angi's thoughtful discernment, training and warmth gets to the heart of any matter in a truthful, gentle way and then leans in to untangle messy things with grace.

D.O., Bellingham, WA

To have an empathetic, nonjudgmental person to process all dimensions of my parenting situation has been a true gift.

T.Y., Bellingham, WA

Angi is compassionate about helping others and is open & honest in a way that cultivates an environment of great discussion. She is the real deal- full of heart, empathy, love, and support.

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