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balanced vision tetherpointWe’ve noticed an imbalance of care within the parenting space, and our mission is to bring it back to equilibrium.  While we absolutely agree that complex kids need every bit of focused care and resource directed their way to help them heal and thrive amidst their unique challenges, we wholeheartedly believe you, their caregiver, need equally as much care as you meet their layered needs.  You are your child’s biggest champion and loudest advocate, their greatest source of safety, connection, and healing.

That’s why we’re all about strapping the oxygen mask onto you first with the goal of expanding your capacity, confidence, and connection with your child.  We parent at our best when we’re drawing from a “full well”.  But many of us parenting challenging kids often find ourselves drawing from an “empty well”.  At Tetherpoint, our mission is to help you to replenish your “well” and keep it full so that you can continue being the awesome parent that you already are!