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Private Coaching.

tetherpoint private coaching counselingParent coaching is a dynamic and collaborative process between the parent and the coach where the parent’s specific struggles and goals are identified, and effective solutions are co-created to help the parent achieve their desired outcomes.  We provide a nurturing and confidential space where parents are held with understanding, respect, and in a spirit of non-judgment.  The coaching process can reduce stress levels, deepen connections, improve communication, and increase joy and healing- all of which create a stabilizing sense of peace and overall wellbeing in parents and children.  Together we’ll unravel your challenges, articulate your goals, and implement an effective plan of action.  We look forward to working with you.

Group Coaching.

tetherpointOur parent coaching groups are a great opportunity for parents to be joined and supported by other parents walking a similar journey and, at the same time, gain insight, education and practical strategies that can lead to deep and lasting change.  Parenting isn’t meant to be done alone; it’s meant to be navigated within a supportive community.  We offer both online and in-person groups composed of 5-6 parents.

Parents in our coaching groups enjoy the same care and resource as our individual clients but with a few additional perks:

  • Coaching sessions at a lower cost
  • Learning from the experiences of other parents
  • Receiving a wider range of feedback on your own areas of concern
  • Forming deep and meaningful connection with other parents