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Coaching Packages.

Additional packages are available upon request.

Single Strategy Session.

90-minute private coaching session

One 15-minute follow-up phone check-in

Ideal for parents needing immediate help with smaller challenges

Price $150

4 Private Sessions.

Four 1-hour coaching sessions

Two 15-minute phone check-ins

Ideal for many parents and most behavioral challenges

Price: $450

(may be broken into 2 monthly payments of $225)

8 Private Sessions.

Eight 1-hour coaching sessions

Four 15-minute phone check-ins

Ideal for parents needing extensive support with challenging behaviors

Price: $750

(may be broken into 3 monthly payments of $250)

Group Coaching Sessions.

Monthly sessions: 3 weeks on/ 1 week off

Ideal for parents desiring collaborative learning & support

20% discount on up to 3 private coaching sessions for group members

Price: $85/ month